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Google Enhanced E-commerce Analytics

"Enhanced Ecommerce in Google Analytics made it extremely easy to analyze the metrics that are important to an ecommerce site and garner the insights to make smart changes to our website, driving significant improvements in performance!"

mShopper is delighted to have been invited as a launch partner for Google's Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics.It's a complete revamp of Google's ecommerce analytics, designed to provide richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behaviour and into product performance.

By enabling the new features, online stores owners can gain insight into the entirety of the customers' journey from when they first arrive to when they make a purchase or end up abandoning their cart.

What it provides:

- Overview and Product Performance Report: This includes data for the revenue along with the conversion rates that your products generate. Other key data points include how many products the average transaction includes, average order value, and so much more.
- Shopping Analysis Report: This report provides you with a concise and detailed look into how customers on your site are engaging with your content – how they view, add or remove products from shopping carts, as well as initiate, complete, and abandon the transaction.

Enhanced Ecommerce is built into your mStore. You don't have to do a thing. We did all the work for you. Now, mShopper clients can get exclusive,deeper insights into:
- How far mobile shoppers get in the shopping funnel and where they drop off.
- Understand which products are viwed most, which are frequently abandoned in cart and which onces convert well.
- Upload rich product metadata to slice and dice your data.
- Create rich segments to delve deeper into your user's shopping behaviour and the products they interact with.
- Create product lists for onsite merchandising rules and product landing pages to see which lists and products are best at driving customer enagament.
- Analyze how internal promotions impact sales, and act immediatly on the results.
- Import user segments, based on ecommerce activity, fot targeting in your remarketing campaings.

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