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How do I Configure Banner Images?

Most online stores have one major component in common, a large, featured image or series of images prominently displayed on the homepage, Banner Images. These images serve a very important role for online businesses. Banner Images takes the majority of the real estate space on the most seen page of your entire site, the homepage. This is prime real estate in the online world, and could be a very valuable asset to your business if used correctly.

The Purpose of Banner Images:

- To help build your brand and tell your story

- To highlight your value proposition.

- To answer customer questions: Like “FREE Shipping above $59”.

- To make an announcement: Banner Image at homepage is a great place for sale notifications since it will reach the most number of visitors.

- To feature a product or product line, new products launches: When you launch new products and want them to receive the most amount of attention.


Banner Images Specification:

Schedule/rotate up to seven banners live on your mStore homepage at anytime.
Note: While you can pre-program any number of banners you want, we limit the live display to 7 carousels in order to ensure acceptable page load times. You can change your start and stop times of banner display accordingly. 

Dimensions: 640 width (required) X 200 height (minimum)

File Types: PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP file format


Configure Banner Images at MCD side:

You must configure Banner Images which is in Design & Layout section: Design & Layout > Banner Images

Step 1: Provide banner title

Step 2: Browse for banner image from your local disk

Step 3: You can provide a link for this banner within Banner Link textbox. You could also pick a link from mStore emulator by clicking on ‘BROWSE MSTORE & PICKUP URL’ button(this field is option)

Step 4: Final step is to provide a display date range. Your banner image will be shown only within this data range provided. Use time picker to program Start and Stop to the hour and minute.

Easily Manage the carousel display on the homepage by sorting them: 

Just change the order of banner image by clicking on Up/Down arrow button provided in front of each banner image. The sorted order gets saved automatically if you change it. 

Note: Toggle Banner Image Visibility

You must configure setting to "Show" banner in Design & Layout section: Design & Layout > Page Settings > Home (Show Banner Image)

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