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I use LinkShare, Can I Use The Same Data Feed?

Linkshare is one of the Affiliate Marketing Services and mShopper is signed up with Linkshare to provide merchant friendly services to the mCommerce customers.

Who can use this Linkshare option to pull the data?
-The Merchants those are signed up with Linkshare for affiliate programmes
-The Merchants e-commerce site is set with Linkshare

How can I pull the data using linkshare?
You can pull the products by using Linkshare data feed file By Providing the Merchant Id of the Linkshare in with Mobile Commerce Dashboard.
If your Datafeed file is available at Linkshare common location and you want to pull the products by accessing the Linkshare’s common location itself, you just need to follow the below steps
Step 1: Go to Products page of Mobile Commerce Dashboard
Step 2: Click on Datafeeds -> Setup Tab
Step 3: Choose the Linkshare radio button under 'From An Integrated Partner' Section.
Step 4: Enter the Merchant ID at the text box provided
Step 5: Click on Save Button

Now you will be re-directed to product attributes mapping (Field synchronization) Page, Our Mobile Commerce Dashboard’s Auto mapping mechanism will synchronize all the fields automatically, you just need to review and also change the field mapping according to your wish
Step 5: Save the changes at product attribute mapping page
Step 6: Run the data feed and search/browse your mStore to test

The advantage from this option is you can just schedule the datafeed process by using datafeed schedule settings, The system will automatically pull the datafeed according to your schedule.
Note:Merchant Id is the first 5- digit number of your Linkshare file name i.e., you need to provide just “13603” if your file name on linkshare is 13603_1776804_mp.txtb)

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Last update: 2015-03-11 10:37
Author: mShopper
Revision: 1.8

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