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What Type Of Analytics Are Provided In The Dashboard?

Analysis Is Key To Your Mobile Success!

mShopper knows that metrics are the primary driver of your mobile commerce efficacy and should constantly reviewed in order to make strategic changes/optimizations. It's important to learn more about your mobile shopper/customer behaviors within the applications from which a merchant can optimize marketing, merchandising and/or data feed. mShopper puts you in control of your Dashboard and enables you to review a range of analytic reports with graphical representations and make strategic configuration changes.

a) Google Enhanced E-commerce Analytics:

mShopper is delighted to have been invited as a launch partner for Google's Enhanced Ecommerce Analytics.It's a complete revamp of Google's ecommerce analytics, designed to provide richer insights into pre-purchase shopping behaviour and into product performance. Click Here for more details.

b) mStore Analytics:
mStore analytics provide you the traffic trends on your mobile store. This includes page view statistics, monthly orders statistics, monthly view statistics, monthly conversion report etc. Click Here for more details.

c) SMS (Also known as Get First Dibs) text messaging Analytics:
SMS analytic reports make you aware about the returns you attained by spending money on an SMS marketing campaign. These analytics includes reports on messages sent, click troughs, direct and indirect sales, average ROI, new subscribers and more. Click Here for more details.

d) SMS (Also known as Get First Dibs) text message campaign report:
Here you can directly export an XLS file on which you get the details for (1) latest # of regular subscriber opt-ins and (2) those subscribers who signed up via your Sign Up & Save feature (if you had ever turned it on). You can even generate this report by a customized date period to analyze any specific campaign efforts and their results for sign ups. Click Here for more details.

e) MRR Report:
MRR report analyzes how well your search engine returns results by tracking and scoring which search results your shoppers click (MRR = Mean Reciprocal Rank, a common search engine analytic tool). The goal is to have an MRR above .6 because that means most shoppers click on the top 1 or 2 products when conducting a search. Click Here for more details.

f) Product Sale Report:
You can view the product sales report of your mStore by following the below navigation in the Mobile Commerce Dashboard. Click Here for more details.

g) SMS (also known as Get First Dibs) Analytics Summary:
A summary report about the SMS subscribers count, Messages sent count, and Click through count via SMS messages should be reviewed often. For best SMS campaign results be sure you offer a good product sale, coupon code and have a time bomb to create urgency. Click Here for more details.

h) Abandoned Cart Report:
Abandoned cart generates the data of the customers (Buyers) who added products to their mobile shopping cart but did convert. From this report you can obtain nuyer ID, name, email, phone #, total cart quantity, total cost, and a tool to send notifications to the buyer (SMS or email). Click Here for more details.

i) Third Party Tracking
Manually add into your mshopper Dashboard your Google or Mercent tracking codes with a click of a button. Click here for more details.

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