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6 Tips That Take 6 minutes or less

mShopper makes it easy for you to turn on certain features that will make you money. Repeat, we have features that we know will make you money and they are all included in your mShopper Dashboard! These tips only take a few minutes to turn on and then to stay on top of them they only take a few more minutes. mShopper makes it easy to manage your mStore (mobile neglect will damage your sales/conversion).

Note: These are not the only tips that take under 6 minutes, but these are our most commonly used conversion features. 

  1)  Sign Up & Save - In the shopping cart, offer a special discount to the shopper in return for their cell phone # to build your mobile database for sending out SMS alerts and increase sales/conversion. You just need to create a promo code discount for total cart in your e-com site and post it in this section. The customer never sees this promo code though so you can easily track orders with this hidden code in the order processing section. Learn more here

  2) Manage Promo Codes -  Mobile shoppers love discounts and if you take a few minutes each week to update promo codes it will be worthwhile in the short and long run. Set up your commonly used mobile coupon codes effective on individual products, categorie, shipping and/or total orders. Learn more here

  3) Hot Deal Merchandising - Rotating merchandising is the secret sauce of commerce. We offer three options on your homepage to feature products (A) Upload up to 10 hot deals and have them featured on your home page in a gorgeous scrolling carousel. (B) Feature one prominent hot deal and tag it as "Today's Hot Deal" which shows prominenty on the home page (C) Turn on the "Intelligent Merchandiser" to auto-populate 10 products on your homepage based on mobile activity of purchased products, search and clicks by your mobile shoppers! Learn more here

  4) Abandonded Cart Report - Abandonment happens, but these should be customers if you contact them quickly! First, choose up to 10 abandoners by date, write up an SMS or Email message and offer them a unique promo code discount with a time bomb to show urgency and send out immediately! Learn more here

  5) Payment Gateways -  If you already have Paypal and these other alternative payment gateways on your e-Com site: Paypal, Amazon Checkout and Google Payment then all you need to do is update the credentials in your mShopper Dashboard to have them available for your mStore, too. Test during off peak hours and then watch yours sales increase. Learn more here

  6) SMS Loyalty Marketing (txt campaigns  - We've timed it already ... it takes under 2 minutes to write/test/authorize an SMS campaign to hundeds of thousands of shoppers in your mobile database! You've likely already accumulated opted-in phone #s from your sign up form via your mStore and on your e-Com site with our tools. Don't let them wait any longer to hear from you, issu an SMS campaign with a promo code or a discounted item and then watch the power of SMS! Analytics are available for tracking messages, clicks and orders. To learn more about building a database/sending out messages, etc review these steps.  Learn to build a mobile database here and here to send out SMS campaigns. 

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