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What Are The Top 5 Conversion Focused Features To Implement?

mShopper offers dozens of features that you want to be sure you utilize.   However, these usually are very quick and easy and do not require much technical help if any. Here is a list in no particular order of some of the top features that are included in your mShopper Dashboard:

5 Important Features To Utilize:

  a)  Sign Up & Save - In the shopping cart, offer a special discount to the shopper in return for their cell phone # to build your mobile database for sending out SMS alerts and increase sales/conversion Learn more here

  b) Payment Gateways - Turn on your Paypal, Amazon Checkout and Google Payment methods to offer your customers more than just a credit card checkout Learn more here

  c) Building a mobile database - It's essential to build your cell phone # database even before you post your mobile redirect code. Gather shopper phone #s and then you can send out SMS campaigns later  Learn more here

  d) Manage Promo Codes -  Most merchants have a lot of promo codes. Set up your commonly used mobile coupon codes on products and/or total orders. Mobile shoppers love discounts Learn more here

  e) Hot Deal Merchandising - (A) Upload up to 10 hot deals and have them featured on your home page in a gorgeous scrolling carousel. (B) Feature one prominent hot deal and tag it as Today's Hot Deal which shows prominenty o the home page Learn more here

More Great Features To Use:

  f) Abandonded Cart Report - Contact cart abandoners via SMS or Email messaging  Learn more here

  g) Buyer Sync - Upload your existing customer database safely and securely to pre-load customer email, password, shipping, billing information for a seamless checkout. Learn more here

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