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How Should I Use The Abandoned Cart Report?


You've probably seen at your supermarket; a shopping cart full of products that's been abandoned by it's owner. It's not all that common an occurrence in the real world, but in e-commerce it's an all too familiar sight.

Studies show roughly 57-75% of all shopping carts are being abandoned. Fortunately, mShopper's Abandoned Cart Report  generates the data of the shoppers who have added products to their shopping cart, but bounced before converting. This customer service tool is extremely powerful and we recommend using it to convert shoppers 1-2x/month with a promo code to incentivize them to convert.

What Shopper Detail Is Captured In The Abandoned Cart (AC) Feature?

From your Abandoned Cart Report you review the shopper ID, Name, Email Address, Mobile phone #, Total QTY, Total Cost, and a tool to send notifications to the buyer (text oremail).

Go to: Dashboard > Analytics > Abandoned Cart Report

How To Send Out Abandoned Cart Alerts? (SMS or Email)

You have the opportunity to send email, texts or both to the abandoner.  When you click these options we provide default copy. However, we advise you to edit the copy to include a promo code savings. Also notice that each default copy includes the phrase (Tiny Url) and that's the actual shopping cart link and you don't want to edit that area.  The (Tiny Url) is there to directly associate the message with the shopper to convert. If you provide a dedicated promo code ie: 15-25% off the total cart with a time bomb to express urgency then this code could be tracked later in your analytics for analysis!

Abandoned Cart Text Notifcation:

Note: SMS charges will incur at a price of 1.5 cent per message (1 cent if you buy in bulk over 200k)

Abandoned Cart Email Notifcation:

Notes: Emails incur no cost to distribute, but are not recommended since they take customer away from true mobile experience where the SMS is directly related to mobile commerce. Regardless, we provide you with the option.

More Important Notes:

a) An unique Tiny Url (an abbreviated URL that includes customer's unique shopping cart) is shown in SMS & Email to link the shopper directly for conversion!

b) Consider offering a special discount on a product, or total order to help conversion (Price or % off)

c) SMS & Email feature have many useful tips shown on the bottom of each section highlighted in red

d) You can check off multiple shoppers to send a generic mass message.

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