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What Is the MRR Report (Mean Reciprocal Rank) ?

MRR report analyzes how well your search engine returns results by tracking and scoring which search results your shoppers click (MRR = Mean Reciprocal Rank, a common search engine analytic tool).

  a) You can use the MRR in conjunction with the Solr search configuration page to improve the relevance of your search engine to shoppers. If your score is 1.0 that means shoppers click on the first product in a search page. If your score is lower that means shoppers are clicking on 2nd or 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, etc. If your score is very low that means search result pages are not showing popular products at the top and you may need to make changes to your data feed keywords, data feed structure and/or SOLR search algorithms.

  b) This page also provides a listing of your shoppers search keywords (at the bottom) which can be used to influence your merchandising and SMS campaigns. Mobile Shopping (search) is often different than the Mac/PC experience. Also on the bottom of the chart you can filter by keyword, date and MRR score to further evaluate each of these important search elements.

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