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How To Design Custom Pages

What is Curated Page?

Curated commerce helps shoppers discover products based on their personal preferences. The profile is usually based on images. A retailer's items are then Curated and offered. Curated commerce is often compared to the online version of shopping in exclusive and personal boutiques.

Curated sales pages are a powerful tool in e-commerce. A Curated sales page can be created by simply selecting a collection of products and displaying them on a single sales page. They are generally used in themes related to limited time events, holidays, current trends and more. By creating Curated sales in your mobile store, you are making it easy for shoppers to find what they are looking for related to the aforementioned limited time events, holidays, current trends, etc. To further enhance your Curated sale, adding promotional banners to your mobile store’s home page, highlighting the Curated sale, will help drive your mobile visitors to exactly where they need to be.

What is Standard Page? 

Creating new custom page for your mStore is very easy These can tell shoppers about contacting your business, promotions, store locations, shipping policies, returns, and other important shopping topics.

How To Add New Custom Page?

1) To Add new custom page, select 'Create New Custom Pages' hyperlink, you will be redirected on custom design page tool.

2) Depending upon the page type you want to create, select the page type from 2 available options  such as;

i) Standard Page: This is a simple page just like other mStore pages, here you can add page content along with display settings.

ii) Curated Page: It helps shoppers discover interesting products based on their personal preferences, it also allows you to add products, Google category and counter time.

3) Name your page: The name provided in this field will be shown at the mStore side; Homepage/ Universal Navigation page.

4) Choose start and ending times for your custom pages, Use the below-provided selectors and set valid start and end sate for your custom page

Note: Please note that time will be treated as per US central time zones.

5) Show page in mStore, you can display or hide custom page on your mStore using Show/Hide toggle buttons  

6) Select Display Type from available options, you can display your custom page on Universal navigation page, Home Page or on both pages

7) Show mStore page header: You can also manage display setting for mStore page header using Show/Hide option

* Additional fields for Curated Page type 

8) Google Category: Choose any one category from the provided dropdown list Note: this is a mandatory field you will need to select at least 1 category

9) Countdown Timer: You can display Countdown Timer on your custom page, use Show/Hide toggle buttons to enable/disable it

10) Once you configure all the settings, click on Save button. A confirmation pop-up will show on screen click on continue button to move forward

Select a Template For Your Custom Page?

Once you're done with the initial configurations including page type, naming the page, display type, etc.

You will be redirected to new page which contains predefined templates,

1) Rollover the mouse on templates and select any one of them

2) Once you choose the template click on Save and Continue button

How To Edit The Page Elements?

Once you choose the template for your custom page, you will be redirected to another page having custom editor window

1) You will see editor window having custom elements such as [Text element, text & image element, social networking icon element, divider element, Button element, etc, Product element]

Additional Product element for Curated page type: This is an additional element which allows you to add mStore products on Custom page

2) To add any of them just drag and drop it in the blank page area, set its properties

3) Use preview button to preview your custom page along with elements  

4) Once you configure the elements click on the save button 

Custom page editor window:

Preview Custom Page with Product element:

The custom page on mStore:

You can always copy your custom page HTML script to embed it on your site from custom page dashboard

1) Click on Copy Page Code button, you will see a window containing HTML script for your Custom page

2) Copy it using the copy button and paste it on your site

Copy custom page script:

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