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How Are Shipping/Taxes Configured On My mStore?

Once you've added products to your mStore you need to choose and configure which shipping methods you want to use when shipping your orders.

What are shipping methods?

If you sell physical products from your store then you'll need to choose and configure at least one shipping method before customers can buy from you. Shipping methods allow you to define how a customer can receive the products they buy from your store.

There are four different shipping method types in the Mobile Commerce Dashboard, and they are coded with an intelligent logic to make customer buyer happy while purchasing the products. You can choose either Single shipping method or multiple shipping methods depending on your requirement.

a) Shipping is always free
b) Shipping cost is included in my datafeed
c) Shipping cost is calculated using common carrier API(Real Time Shipping)
d) Shipping cost is calculated using following table (Shipping cost wrt to Price)

a) Shipping is always free:

You can choose this option, If you want to provide Free shipping cost for your customers (buyers).If at all you select this option you can’t select other options. To enable free shipping option you need to follow the below navigation from Mobile Commerce Dashboard.

Step 1: Go to Configuration Section
Step 2: Click on Shipping and Taxes
Step 3: Select the check box Use mShopper shipping and
Step 4: Select the check box “Shipping is always Free”
Step 5: Save the changes by clicking on save button provided on the bottom of the page.

Note: You can change your shipping settings any time by just following the above navigational flow.

b) Shipping cost is included in my datafeed:

You can choose this option, If your Product datafeed includes the shipping cost data in the respective column. The Shipping cost related to each product will be displayed and calculated at buyer purchasing process of your mStore.

Important: If you select this Shipping cost is included in my datafeed option, You must map Shipping Cost field at Product attribute mapping section of your products module.

Click here to know about how to map the fields at product attributes mapping page?

c) Shipping cost is calculated using common carrier API(Real Time Shipping):

What is Real Time shipping cost?

All real-time shipping quotes retrieve shipping rates in real-time from the shipping company’s web site when someone is in the process of buying from your mStore.

For example, if you enable this options and selects either any of the Real time shipping operators like Fedex, UPS, USPS or three of them as well..

When it comes time for a customer to checkout and buy from you mStore, he/she will see a list of real-time shipping quotes that are retrieved from those selected real time shipping operators based on the size and weight of the products they are trying to buy, like so.. Your mStore will provide the list of all shipping quotes from the realtime shipping operator selected by you and able to select any one choice according to their wish.

mShopper provides multiple types of shipping options for the merchants. By just choosing either one or multiple shipping calculations, System will automatically calculates the shipping cost at mobile store. Also select the state(s) in which you maintain a physical business location, your mobile store will only apply the sales tax to the orders shipped to the selected states on this page.

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