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What Are mShopper's Tips For Setting Up Shipping?

Shipping is the backbone of commerce so you need to set up rules or promo codes that will avoid cancellations on shipping price discrepencies or over charging customers who may abandon the cart page.  If you can't charge free shipping (everyone loves free shipping!) then consider setting up one or more off the following rules to incentivize mobile  customers. 

Important - Mobile is a growth channel, therefore merchandising and offering discounts and promo codes (products and/or shipping) will encourage shoppers to convert, return again and impact the maturity of your mobile commerce store over time. Start by offering a shipping value-add... 

1) Free Shipping - Customers convert higher with free shipping. Offer this periodically and send out SMS campaigns to drive traffic and increase conversion.

2) Set Rules On Total Cart Value - Create various rules for flat shipping on certain cart amounts, but you must have these rules applied on your e-commerce site or a business processing center may experience issues when processing.

  • a) $00.01 - $49.99 = $4.99 Free standard ground shipping
  • b) $50.00 - $79.99 = $6.99 standard ground shipping
  • c) $80.00 - $99.99 = $9.99
  • d) $100.00 - $5,000.00 = $00.00 Free standard ground shipping


3) Offer Promo Codes For Instant Discounts On Shipping - Customers who receive a discount feel great about their purchase. Promo codes must also be created in your e-com site or the discount won't match causing an error when processing. See more tips below:

  • a) Upload your promo code discount and time bomb in your mStore header logo because it showsnon all pages
  • b) Create a custom page with your current mobile promo codes
  • c) Send out weekly SMS campaigns messaging either of the above and track analytics


4) Add Shipping Price In Data Feed For Each SKU - Note that for multiple items in a shopping cart, each shipping cost will be added resulting in a higher shipping amount. 

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