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How Do I Promote The SMS Sign Up Form On My e-Commerce Site?

This is the third and final step in order to post the sign up form graphic asset live on your e-Commerce site.

You can choose between posting your graphic asset via (A) embed code or (B) Promote Http link - When shoppers are on your site they click the sign up form asset and either of these redirects will show them an iphone frame of your mStore sign up page simulating the mobile experience.

a) embed code - Utilize an embed code if you have some IT resources to build your own page. When users click on the asset above the sign up form in an iphone frame will appear integrated naturally into your e-Commerce site which does look more synergistic than an http link (below).

b) http link - This link is super easy all you do is hyperlinlk an graphic image and it takes them to a new browser window with your sign up form in an iphone simulating the mobile experience.

Go to: Dashboard > SMS Marketing > Promote Sign-up Form

How To Build A Mobile Database Overview (3 simple steps) learn more here

1) Design Sign Up Form, learn more here

2) Download your Promotional Asset to put on your e-commerce site, learn more here

3) Promote your Sign-Up form via (A) Embed code or (B) Http Link, learn more here (current step)

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