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How Do I Create My SMS Mobile Sign Up Form?

Creating a mobile sign up form is one of the most important tools included in the Marketing strategy. Why? Because you can aquire mobile opt-ins that are asking for you to send them text message alerts. You don't even need to be live yet to start gathering phone #s so begin hosting your form on your e-commerce site immedately.


Categories on your sign up form are initially extracted from your data feed. However, you can edit these as you best see fit.  As you can see in the picture below, the categories are shown on the right, editing tools are towards the right and on the far right is a live mStore for you to edit your own copy to see how your form appears live. 


You already have customers signed up through emails, but it's a good idea to send text messages to opted-in subscribers because is increases sales and is trackable. Remember, shoppers have chosen to opt-in to receive alerts, so all you need to do is send them special product deals 2 times peron month to excite shoppers and the sales will follow.


How To Build A Mobile Database Overview (3 simple steps) learn more here

1) Design Sign Up Form, learn more here (current step)

2) Download your Promotional Asset to put on your e-commerce site, learn more here

3) Promote your Sign-Up form via (A) Embed code or (B) Http Link, learn more here

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