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Option 1: Install The Order Processing API For The Best Integration

mShopper recommends that retailers consider using an API integration to insert mStore orders into their e-commerce shopping cart for processing. Since this solution takes more time and involves IT resources many clients prefer to do this before going live, but it's not mandatory to go live.


  1. * Creates a real-time intergation between mStore and eStore
  2. * Shoppers can see a real-time error message if their order was not processed due to issues with billing or inventory.
  3. * Retailers can set up easy source identification in the API to match other analytics

(As a reminder, mShopper retailers are recommended to use one of the other two options while they are waiting to use the API option. These options are Live Order Queue and Business Processing Center and can both be implemented in minutes without any IT resources needed!.)

Getting Started

  • 1. Your IT team should review the code required to transfer orders from the mStore to the eStore. Ask us for it.
  • 2. Then, contact your Salesperson or mShopper to schedule a call between your IT person and mShopper's. During the call both sides will get their questions answered about moving the data between systems
  • 3. mShopper will prepare a summary of the plan of attack and present to the retailer for approval, along with a cost estimate from mShopper. The cost will be very low since mShopper has already done the work to integrate with many common e-commerce systems.
  • 4. An estimate is created/signed and then work will begin/complete in as little as a few weeks for development, joint QA, and the placing of test orders.

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