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Option 3: Have mShopper's BPC Process Your Orders

mShopper has a dedicated 24/7/365 Business Processing Center Option (named CCTLL) that is one of three ways to insert an mStore order back into the e-commerce site. It is only recommended if a merchant cannot use the Live Order Queue or Order API options, both of which lead to much lower order cancelation rates because there is more control on your end.



  1. 1.  The order data appears on the screen of mShopper’s Business Processing Center, CCTLL, after the shopper places the order. (Simultaneously, the order appears on the merchant’s Dashboard.) 
  2. **Note on PCI Compliance: Following PCI compliant procedures, only CCTLL and mShopper’s VP of Engineering can access this panel. mShopper controls this access extremely closely. CCTLL provides a PCI-compliant operation for its staff, processes, and all technology. Read more about PCI compliance here.
  1. 2. CCTLL sees the order information listed alongside the e-commerce webpage for the shopper’s purchased product. The webpage URL comes from the BUYURL field for the purchased product as listed in the merchant’s mShopper datafeed. [Note: If the merchant wishes to add source tracking to this URL (e.g. ?utm_source=mStore) to segment out mobile sales, they can do this in their data feed.] 
  2. 3. CCTLL adds each purchased item to the shopping cart. If the shopper provided log-in credentials for the merchant's e-commerce site, CCTL logs in. If not, CCTL creates the new account with the shopper's information.
  3. 4. CCTLL acts like a shopper on the merchant’s website. They enter the shopper’s Promo Code, Shipping Address, Billing Address, and Credit Card info into the checkout process and complete the order. CCTL captures the Order Confirmation Number from the e-commerce site. The majority of orders are processed within 15 minutes, but also within 3 days and are processed 24/7/365.
  4. 5. Shopper receives standard order confirmation via email from merchant. All shopper communication happens with merchant.


If Order Issues Occur, CCTLL representatives contact the shopper (see details below), identifying themselves as "contacting you on behalf of Merchant Name about an order placed on Merchant's mobile store". Order issues fall into these categories:

a) Out Of Stock - CCTLL could not find the product or product attribute on the e-commerce site. If some of the order's items are in stock, the shopper is asked for approval to proceed with the smaller order. Otherwise, the order has to be canceled. [Note: Using the LOQ order processing option can save many of these orders by putting things on back order or suggesting similar alternatives.]

b) Higher Product Price - CCTLL sees a higher price on the e-commerce site than what was shown to (and agreed upon) by the mobile shopper. CCTLL asks shopper permission to process at the higher price. If a lower price is encountered, the order is processed and the shopper gets a nice suprise! [Note: This happens when there is a delay between when a merchant changes a price on their website and when they provide an updated product file to mShopper. This is solved by providing mShopper with product updates multiple times per day (up to every 3 hours!) or using the Product Database API.]

c) Higher Shipping CostCCTLL sees a higher shipping cost on the e-commerce site than what was shown to (and agreed upon) by the mobile shopper. CCTLL asks shopper permission to process at the higher cost. If a lower cost is encountered, the order is processed and the shopper gets a nice suprise! [Note: This happens when the merchant did not enter their exact shipping rules into the Dashboard. This can be solved by using mShopper's Shipping Cost API.]

d) Incorect Log-in Info - Shopper has a merchant account but did not enter his username and password correctly. CCTLL contacts shopper on behalf of the merchant and asks for correct log-in info. If shopper cannot be reached on repeated occasions, CCTLL uses Guest Account option (if available) or tries to create a New Account. Last option might not be possible is email already resides in the database. [Note: This can be solved by using mShopper's Authentication API.]

e) Incorrect Credit Card Info - Shopper entered an invalid number, expiration date, and/or CVV. The mStore does a simple validation to make sure number has sufficient characters for card type, expiration date is in future, etc., but does not actually authorize the payment info. CCTLL contacts the shopper on behalf of the merchant and asks for accurate credit card info or a new card (only by phone), and tries to process with shopper on phone. If this is not possible, order is cancelled. [Note: This can be avoided by using mShopper's Order API which verifies data real-time.]

Contact:  First contact is a call to the provided mobile number between 9am and 7pm in the shopper's time zone. If a message is left or the number is invalid, an email is sent. If there is no response within 48 hours, another call and email occurs up to 3 days max before cancelling. 

What happens when CCTLL cancels an order? The shopper automatically receives a text notification that their order has been canceled along with the reason, and a link to return to the mStore to shop again.

NoteOrders captured from mStore and processed in e-Commerce cart are processed within + or - 5% threshold in order to "complete" customer orders efficiently despite uncontrollable variables. The total price from mStore to time of processing in an e-Commerce cart may be slightly different for a variety of reasons such as merchants who don't update their feed often. Typically the amount range from $1-3, or a bit more on a $100+ order. This applies to all merchants who use this option. 

CHOOSE THIS METHOD: Go to: Dashboard > Order Processing > Configure Orders > Click "Learn More" for Business Processing Center and enter "Select this option"



Orders are processed usually within 15 minutes on every day of the year, 24 hours a day.



1. ISSUE RESOLUTION: CCTLL representatives do not have the same product and order-related knowledge that your CSRs do. Therefore, their ability to resolve order issues is not as robust, possibly leading to a higher canceled order rate.

2. CHARGES: mShopper must receive at least $2 in revenue share for all orders processed using CCTLL (to cover mShopper's costs). If the revenue share is lower, a fee will be added per order to bring the revenue share up to $2. Example: A merchant with a 5% revenue share rate would only pay mShopper $1.25 on a $25 order. mShopper would charge this merchant an additional $0.75.

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