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Option 2: Process Your Own Orders With Live Order Queue (LOQ)

Live Order Queue (LOQ) is one of mShopper's three options for inserting an mStore order back into the e-commerce site. It is the RECOMMENDED option to use when launching the mStore because of the benefits listed below.

How It Works

  1. After you select LOQ, a notification email is sent to your Customer Service Representative's (CSR) email address entered on the Configure Orders page for EACH new mStore order placed by your shoppers. The email contains a link to log-in to your mStore Dashboard and view the details of the order. The order panel displays a split screen with order details on the left and the exact product page from your e-commerce site for each purchased item on the right.

The CSR manually adds each item to the e-commerce shopping cart and then uses the order details to checkout.

  • Completed Without Any Issues: When completed, the CSR changes Order Status to Completed and enters the Order Confirmation ID from the e-commerce site to update mStore analytics (very important step).
  • Completed With an Initial Issue. If the order has an issue requiring the CSR to contact the shopper or spend time on a resolution, the CSR should change Order Status to Customer Input Required while resolving. When completed, change to Completed.
  • Canceled: If the order needs to be canceled, the CSR changes Order Status to Canceled and logs the reason why it was canceled from the Order Issue menu so the reasons can be monitored and cancelations can be reduced in the future (very important step).             
  • Watch this Video on Live Order Queue for more information


  1. LOQ is selected by default and the email used is the one entered when creating the mStore. Please update this on the Configure Orders page to the desired email address or distribution list that you set up ahead of time.


  • LOQ greatly reduces your canceled orders by allowing your trained CSRs to troubleshoot order issues and even make adjustments in prices or other order details to complete the order.

LOQ also lets CSRs perform cross-sell and up-sell on shoppers to increase the average order value.


Make sure the CSRs can respond to notification emails within 24-48 hours at the latest to keep your shoppers happy. Shoppers will not receive any email notification from mShopper, so they will only know their order was processed once the CSRs respond.

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