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How Many Configurations Are Available In The mStore Dashboard?

mShopper's Mobile Commerce Dashboard offers dozens and dozens of exciting configurations to customize your mobile store for your unique Marketing and Merchandising needs. Many features are added periodically so be sure you stay tuned for emails from mShopper's team, webinars, read through the vast mHelp section and other news from your mShopper Support contacts to keep learning about best-in-practice mobile features/functionality to make more money in mobile! 

Over 100+ configurable options include, but are not limited to:

* Store Settings (All Pages, Home, listings, details and login) - Enable or disable specific parts of your mStore as well as uploading images 

 * Payment Configurations - Turn on Paypal, Google Checkout and Amazon Payment gateways to increase conversion

* Shipping & Taxes - Configure your unique shipping rules and tax needs for shipping products

* Color Theme  - Synergize with your existing brand guidelines with our color theme options

* SEO Keywords - Add up 10 keywords to improve findability for mobile search engine activity

* Solr Configuration - Tune your search settings to edit the search engine results from when keywords have been entered 

* Buyer Sync - Upload your existing database (email, password, name, shipping, billing) for streamlined checkout process

* Confirmation Page - Customize order confirmation and GFD sign up confirmation page with html

* Custom Page - Create any pages you desire to feature products, store locator, warrantees, etc using html

* Sign Up & Save - Provide a coupon code at "Add To Cart" page to build your mobile database and offer shopper instant savings

* Track Your mStore - Include 3rd party tracking codes on your mStore pages

* Gift Wrap & Messaging - If you currently offer gift wrapping and messaging (or plan to) turn on these features to spoil your shopper

* Store Locator - Build a custom page with a store locator similarly to how you created one on your e-Commerce site or simplify for mobile

* Manage Coupons - Mobile shoppers are deal seekers so be sure you promote your mStore header logo and hero banner with special coupon codes and to drive traffic to your mStore send out emails and social media messages with exclusive coupon codes

* Abandoned Cart - mShopper captures your cart abandoners and you can follow up with them via SMS or Email to convert


Some features are further explained here:

a) Store settings:
Store settings is an exciting feature with the Mobile Commerce Dashboard configuration module. You can configure your own mobile store homepage, search pages, product pages, details and login credentials quickly and easily.

Just toggle the Upload, Save or Show/Hide buttons and observe the iPhone preview screen to see your changes in real-time. Also, some pages require you to press save (bottom of screen) to reveal your changes in the iPhone preview screen.

b) Payment Configuration (2):

Payment Gateways:

Mobile Commerce Dashboard configuration module powers with most trusted payment gateways such as PayPal, Amazon and Google checkout along with credit cards acceptance. Our Payment configuration will be a handy feature for you to set a payment gateway and can enable/disable with a single click at any time.

Credit Card:
mShopper has another vast dynamic feature for Credit card acceptance. Only the selected credit card types will reflect on your mobile store payment page.

c) Shipping & taxes:
 Shipping is the backbone of all commerce and mShopper gives you various options to set up rules that fit your unique needs:

  1) Integrate with Magento

  2) Permit free shipping

  3) Include shipping in your data feed

  4) Integrate with common carrier APIs and set up price % exceptions (Fedex, UPS, USPS)

  5) Create a unique table for pricing rules

  6) Your mobile store will only apply the sales tax to the orders shipped to the selected states on this page.


d) Color Theme:
Integrate your mobile store with the colors of your existing Marketing guidelines. You can select a gradient theme color that matches with your brand or request a custom theme.


e) SEO keywords:
Boost your SEO (search engine optimization) by entering in robust keywords.  List up to 10 SEO keywords and we'll automatically incorporate them via our mobile commerce dashboard software logic. These will be added to the Meta keyword field of your mStore's code to help your mStore show up more prominently when your mobile shoppers perform related searches. Consider using the same ones from your e-commerce site or add more. Do not use quotes, we'll auto quote for you.


f) Solr configuration (Product Search Configuration):
Your mStore is featured with Solr Search which is
a highly touted search results configuration. Solr is highly scalable, providing distributed search and index replication. The Mobile Commerce Dashboard provides you this exclusive feature to  configure your search results of your mStore.

You can set priorities to your datafeed fields while displaying search results on your mStore. However, these are powerful tools so you should only change them if you are sure. Ask us for more details.


g) Buyer Sync:
Implementing your existing Customer Database will make it easier for your existing customers to login to your new mobile store. They login with your e-Commerce site credentials and the fields, such as email, name, shipping and billing details will auto-populate for a seamless check out! Ask about our Customer database template to ensure synergy.

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