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What Are Hot Deals And How Do I Set Hot Deals In my mStore?

Merchandising with a Hot Deal scrolling carousel on your mStore homepage is definitely a great idea to attract customers who land on your page. The concept by our creative engineers was to catch the buyer attentions immediately with special products ultimately to increase your mobile conversion!

Hot Deals & Today's Hot Deal

Upload up to 10 hot deals regularly to keep your page offering fresh merchandise as you would your e-Commerce site. If you have one specific deal that is truly terrific, then you can feature it as "Today’s Hot deal" and it will be shown on your mStore home page below your search engine box and above the rest of the hot deals.

Intelligent Merchandising System

If you do not have time to merchandise yourself, mShopper allows you to leave your Hot Deal merchandising to your mobile shopper real time activity! If you select 'Yes' our advanced algorithm will constantly analyze your shopper's activity (searches, views, and purchases on your live mStore) and automatically populate the ten most popular products in your Hot Deals section on your homepage. It's merchandising made easy.

Steps to set your hot deals:

On Hot Deals section, once you click on Add hot deal button an Add Product for Hot Deal pop-up will be shown (see below). There are 2 different ways to search the product. Either you can search using model number or product name.

If search product contains child attributes, you will see 2 options as "Just this" and "Add all SKU'S. "Just this" option will allow you to add the current displayed product and "Add all SKU'S" will allow you to add the product along with its all child attributes.

Display settings of Hot Deal:

Once you've selected the hot deal, an Add Hot Deal will pop-up and you can provide the below settings of the Hot Deal selected.

a) Set the Duration of the Hot Deal by providing Display Date, Start Time and Duration.
b) Edit the price of Hot Deal 
c) Set the relevant Google category Note: This is an mandatory field 
d) Set On/Off Display Count Down ticker (If you would like to display the countdown timer for a Hot Deal product page on your mStore)
e) Save the changes.

Manage Hot deals:

Once the Hot Deals are added, you can manage them very easily. All the hot deals added are shown in a grid view on the hot deals page with managing options. The screen will be shown as seen below.

You can manage your Hot Deal with the following actions...

a) Edit the Hot Deal
b) Edit the text
c) View the product information (If you change the price you must change it on your e-Commerce site so that there is NOT a discrepancy at final checkout procedure by order processing. The customer will be upset if pricing issues exist and you can lose a sale/customer)
d) Mark the Hot Deal as Today's Hot Deal (Deal of the Day)

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