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Faceted Search: In-built and User-defined

Mobile conversion rates are highly dependent on your customers being able to very quickly find exactly the items they are looking for.  If they cannot find those items very quickly, they’re gone.  All in all, every consumer wants a product that fits all their expectations to be delivered at their doorstep! Of course, every customer wants to be able to filter search results based on category, price, color, size, etc.  But what about more specific filters, like processor speed and memory for computers?  Or megapixels and image rendering technologies for digital cameras?  Often, these discreet filters (we call them ‘facets”) are custom developed for specific web site purposes.  mShopper however, has introduced a facility of Custom Faceted Search that allows all our clients to create custom, specific filters for any or all product categories on the fly, without any custom development whatsoever!

A faceted search filtering system facilitates user-selected filtering for any element either globally across all categories.  As long as your data feed contains the fields your customers want to search, then you can instantly create a custom facet, globally across all categories or specific to any one category without any tech support whatsoever.  You can even choose where your filter facets are visible, including on the product listing (“SERP”) pages and/or on your universal navigation pane.

To create a custom search facet, login to your admin dashboard, then navigate to Products > Faceted Search.Faceted Search is classified in two types as All Category Facets and User Defined Facets.

1. All Category Facets:

We make the standard global filters – Brand, Category, Size, Color and Price - super easy to deploy.  To turn on any or all of these standard global facets follow the instructions below:

i. Mark the options you want from “Hide” to “Show”.

ii. You can further choose where these options show up.  All facets, whether standard or custom, can be displayed on either the product listing (“SERP”) page and/or the the Universal Navigation page.

Generally speaking, only the most important global facets should appear on your universal navigation page while detailed, category specific facets should appear on your SERP page.

iii. Adjust the order of the Facets by moving them upward and downward from the right hand side pane.

iv. Do not forget to click on Save Facet Settings, lest they wont reflect in your store.


2. User Defined Facets:

If you want to apply any other types of facets in particular, mShopper also provides you an option for user defined facets.

You can add user defined facets as follows:

i. Click on Add New Facet in the User Defined Facets section. A pop up will appear providing you options to set a new facet.

ii. You can define your own customized facet name here and define a new facet option yourself.

iii. Fill in all the information and click on Go.  Please note, you can create a new global facet by choosing the “All Categories” option within the ‘Select Category” drop down; if you want to create a category specific filter, then choose that category.  You can create more than one category specific filter, of course.  Please note, you can only create facets from fields that are in your data feed.  All available fields will appear in the Source Selection” drop down.

iv. IMPORTANT:  After you create all your custom facets, you must tap the blue ‘Refresh icon”.  Your icon will appear faded while we re-index your data base and create your facets. Once your icon appears fully colored, your new facets will appear automatically in your mStore.  Please note that depending on the size of your feed and the number of facets you are creating, it may take quite some time before we finish processing your new facets.

You are now ready to rock with your own facet options!!


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