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New Quantity Functionality

Managing a stores inventory is no less of a hassle! This is why mshopper came up with a more dynamic solution to optimize its Inventory related functionalities.

With a New and Improved Quantity Function, mshopper helps the buyers to select the proper amount of any product they are purchasing.

This functionality can only be adopted by the mstores who are having their Inventory APIs enabled. This is because, the new process of Inventory Verification uses Inventory API Request and Response URLs as its main tool. The Inventory API sends the selected product's total quantity through its API Response URL.

If the buyer's selected quantity of the product is less than the total quantity available, then it proceeds to the Cart page. But if the buyer's selected quantity is more than the total available quantity, it displays a popup with a information message.

For example, A user wants to purchase 10 products from a store and the total quantity currently available in the inventory is 5 (according to the Inventory API Response). In this situation, a message would be displayed saying, "We are sorry but there are only 5 of these items available. Would you like to continue with 5 items only."

On this message, two options would be provided, "Add 5 items to Cart" and "Cancel".
On selecting "Add 5 items to Cart", 5 of the selected products would be added to the Cart and the user will be redirected to the Cart page.
On selecting "Cancel", the popup will get closed and the user will stay on the same page.

Following Screenshot shows how the product quantity is verified on 3 pages:
i. Product Details Page (PDP Page):

Refer to the First Image below.

ii. Cart Page:

Refer to the Second Image below.

iii. Payment Page:

Refer to the Third Image below.

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