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How To Use the Backorder Feature

 Imagine you’re selling. In fact, imagine you’re selling a lot; your product is flying off the shelves so quickly that you can’t keep up with the demand. So what do you do? Stop selling? Disappoint customers, lose sales and drive them into the arms of a competitor? No way. To prevent that from happening, we’d like to introduce you to this handy little trick called backordering.

Backordering is the process of allowing your customers to shop your products even when you don’t have sufficient stock on hand. Sounds tricky? It isn’t. In fact, it’s really common in retail.

How To use Backorder Feature?

 To use Backorder feature you will need to enable it from admin panel, please follow the below mention steps to enable this feature

Step 1: On admin panel, Navigate to left side menu and locate the mStore settings option.

 Step 2: Now, Click the mStore Settings and navigate to Backorder Settings option and click the Backorder Settings option

Step 3: You will see a Backorder Configuration page containing ON/OFF toggle button along with an emulator on the right side which shows what your customers will see when they try to add an out of stock item to their shopping cart.

Step 4: You will just need to click the ON/OFF toggle button to Enable/Disable this feature

Step 5: Once you click the ON/OFF toggle button, Click on "Save my Settings Button" to save the settings

Once you completed all above steps your Backorder feature will be Enable/Disable on your mStore.

NOTE: API customers: You must provision the Inventory and order APIs to use this feature correctly. Non-API customers must include a value "Backordered" in the "Availability" field of your data feed for this feature to work properly. API customers are strongly encouraged to do so as well







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