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How do Recent Orders and Sales Statistics work?

 Recent orders and statistics sections are a part of the dashboard where you can find a quick glance about orders and total revenue generated from your mStore.

Recent Orders:
We show you the five most recent orders. However, you can view the full details of that order by just clicking on your desired order.

  1. In the recent orders section you can view following information:
  2. a) Order Id (mShopper trackable ID# only for your unique orders)
  3.  b) Customer Name (Your actual customer name)
  4. c) Quantity (# of items purchased in customer's cart)
  5. d) Grand total (total $ including all shipping)

As you view only 5-recent orders from this section, the Go to Orders module has all order details that are placed from your mStore. Recent Orders chart is shown below:

Sales Statistics:

Sales Statistics is another section on dashboard which provides the information about the total revenue generated from the mStore and average order amount as well. This section is mainly divided in to two parts

a) Total Sales The total amount which is generated via mStore orders

b) Average Order value (AOV) The average amount of all your mStore orders

The Sales Statistics chart is shown below:

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