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How do I Publish My mStore With mShopper's Mobile Redirect Codes?

Mobile redirect codes are how a merchant officially publishes their mStore to their shoppers.  

Redirect code is a line of javascript code that lives at the top of your e-commerce site on every page to properly re-direct the incoming e-Com site with the correlating page on your mStore for the optimal mobile experience. Further, this typically includes all pages that a user could land on during search (for example) that can be replicated on your mStore including homepage, categories, brands and products.


Your mStore automatically and instantaneously detects a mobile device accessing your e-commerce site and it performs three important functions: 

1) It delivers users to the correct pages of your mStore 

2) It recognizes the type of smartphone being used (i.e. screensize, operating system, browser) and delivers the user specifically to a version of your mStore that matches their phone's capabilities

3) It delivers the user to the mStore page that matches the page they were trying to get to on your e-commerce site. Example, a click on a Google link for your e-commerce site's Computers category will bring them your mStore's Computers category page


An increasing number of shoppers visit your e-commerce site from mobile phones and get frustrated by the non-optimized shopping experience. This number is growing fast as consumers switch to more shopping-friendly smartphones and further embrace the mobile shopping abilities. Adding the appropriate codes to your e-commerce site will result in significantly higher conversion rates from your mobile phone shoppers.

NOTE: Up to 80% of traffic could arrive at product pages. When shoppers are searching for a specific product, if the redirect code isn't implemented on each page, your product will not be found accurately resulting in a high bounce rate.


Adding codes to your e-commerce site pages is the final step before officially launching your mStore. Some mShopper merchants can easily add these codes to their pages in 30 minutes. Others do not maintain in-house control of their e-commerce site's code and have to put in a request with their cart or IT vendor. If you are the latter, please put this request in as early as possbile. Some retailers have reported it takes them several weeks to get these codes simply pasted in their e-commerce site's code.

How Many Redirect Codes Do I Need?

Since they are very simple to implement into your head tags (high up in the code) to redirect quickly and avoid loading issues, we highly recommend, homepage, product, brand and category to redirect appropriately. Otherwise a shopper expecting to see a product page from SEO may end up going to a home page. Keep your shopper fully engaged and avoid a poor mobile shopping expereince by implementing your redirect codes correctly at the time you are ready to go live. 

a) Homepage
b) Product 
c) Brand
d) Category
e) Search

a) Home (Shoppers who type in your regular URL will be redirected automatically)
For home page or any other page where you want to redirect to the mobile store home page you use this code:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mshopper.net/mstore_redirect.js?merchantId=99999"></script>
b) Product (Shoppers are redirected from search, or perhaps other links from social media, emails, SMS etc. to the appropriate product page) For product details pages where you want to redirect to the mobile store's specific model details page you use this code, substituting the unique model number that is mapped in your data feed for that product in the XYZ parameter:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mshopper.net/mstore_redirect.js?merchantId=99999&model=XYZ"></script>
c) Brand (Shoppers are redirected from search, social media, emails, SMS, etc. to the appropriate brand page)
For brand pages where you want to redirect to a specific brand page on your mStore you use this code, substituting the correct brand that is in your data feed for the ABC parameter:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mshopper.net/mstore_redirect.js?merchantId=99999&brand=ABC"></script>
d) Category (Shoppers are redirected from search, social media, emails, SMS, etc. to the appropriate category page)
For category pages where you want to redirect to the specific category, such as rings, you use this code, substituting the correct category from your data feed for the DEF parameter:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mshopper.net/mstore_redirect.js?merchantId=99999&category=DEF"></script>
e) Search (Shoppers are redirected based on terms in the URL to the closest possible page)
Lastly, if none of this work, you can force a search for any term, and be taken to the Search Result Page in the mStore by using the following code, substituting the correct search term from your data feed for the ZXY parameter:
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.mshopper.net/mstore_redirect.js?merchantId=99999&search=ZXY"></script>

NoteAll e-commerce sites were created differently. As with all of these, the URL under the src= value needs to be correctly escaped as a URL.  This means spaces and special caracters are converted to URL allowed values.  There are many commands in different languages to make this happen.  Common ones are escape(), or urlencode().  So if there is a space the the brand, category, or search parameters, then they need to be correctly encoded. This will result in a value result of the space either being translated to a + or a %20. 

Note: If this code detects anything other than a smartphone accessing the e-commerce site, including a tablet, it simply lets the user view the e-commerce site.

Location where you need to place the redirection code/s:

You will need to place the desired script high up in the <head code> and make sure that you have the following:

a) Unique Merchant ID for Home page redirection along with
b) XYZ with respective model number to redirect product details page
c) ABC with Brand Name
d) DEF with Category Name
e) ZXY with search keyword.

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