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Performance Services Group (PSG)

  1. The best immersion a merchant can ask for!
  2. Most merchant's hire mShopper's Performance Services Group (PSG) because it's an inexpensive paid service that includes having a dedicated mobile expert manage and optimize your mStore to increase sales and conversion. You also receive full technical support on all questions that you and your team has. We start by conducting an mStore audit, then provide helpful marketing tips and recommendations each month unique to your offering. Interested in working with us on a long term commitment to get free stuff? Incentives often include bulks SMS credits, keyword to shortcodes, API offers, other discounts pending mShopper seasonal promotions.


Most merchant's hire PSG for about 3 months when they are just launching their mStore. Why? Our strategic insights and thorough 1-on-1 tutorials cover all of the conversion features, help you adjust the 100+ configurable settings and provide merchandising and SMS campaingn leadership to get you off on the right foot in this new space. Most merchants after a few months understand the ropes and can handle it themselves, easy peasy.  


* Scored 2x higher in our internal merchant audit review on conversion

* Grew their SMS mobile phone # database at least 30% quicker in 90 days

* One merchant increased sales 118% in 4 months when following our tips/tricks

* Have a tighter integration with their e-com site due to features/configurations

* Saved about 10 hours/month to focus on their e-commerce/other needs


Some merchants manage their mStore on their own, which we encourage, of course!  However, some come back to us saying that they don't have time to learn features or run their own SMS campaigns because they have other priorities. Unfortunately, neglecting your mStore can lead to low sales and conversion. If you don't hire us that's okay, too because you can read through the dozens of Dashboard help videos, read through more mHELP qestions, attend webinars, review the mShopper University section or just go on live chat for quick responses. However, we do encourage all merchants to hire us for a few months or longer (Long term commitment incentives often include bulks SMS credits, keyword to shortcodes, API offers, other discounts).

Contact to tell us more about your unique needs or learn more here.

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