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Why Is An SMS Loyalty Program Important For m-Commerce?

Generate a value proposition of high value branded impressions to increase sales & revenue!

Your mShopper Dashboard includes a fully featured SMS branded marketing program, GetFirstDibs, that you can utilize to build an opt-in mobile database to send out highly targeted SMS campaigns. Or you can change the name of your SMS brand loyalty program using synergy from your existing email marketing strategy to increase engagement with shoppers in this new space...



What: SMS Loyalty Marketing allows you to build a deeper relationship via mobile of branded impressions and establish a direct response channel to grow traffic, sales and conversion. Yes, shoppers are looking for great deals, but they also rely on you to learn information about products they love, secret sales and even industry news!

Why: SMS is an incredibly efficacious media channel that you have at your finger tips... Shoppers have their phone in their pocket, on their desk, in hands reach nearly 24/7, open rates are north of 90% within 15 minutes and mShopper data shows that for every 1,000 SMS sent you could expect 4-8 sales (pending the message offer). SMS Marketing enables you to further connect with shoppers via permission based opt-ins because shoppers literally signed up to receive alerts from you!

How: All of the tools to create a mobile database and send out SMS alerts are included in your mShopper Dashboard: (1) design a sign up form for shoppers to choose categories that interest them (2) choose a graphic asset or two encouraging sign-ups and place them in various locations (your e-commerce site, ppc campaigns, social media, emails, etc., and finally (3) use your unique embed code and/or http URL to hyperlink the graphic asset for shoppers to opt-in. Next, schedule SMS campaigns for 1 cent each (when bought in bulk) as soon as you start receiving opt-ins.

When: Build your mobile database immediately to gather permission-based mobile numbers for you to send out alerts later.  If you're not sure at launch time, you can still establish your SMS strategy when you are ready, but its' incredibly valuable to capture these phone numbers today! Remember, this is your database so you can export it at anytime down the road.

QUALITY vs QUANTITY (130 characters only because you can choose to hyperlink with a tiny url)

Strategy: Sending valuable brand messages and/or exclusive great deals will ensure low opt-outs and sustain this new unique relationship. Always introduce yourself clearly and concisely with actionable or urgent timing for best results.

Frequency: There is no magic number, but send out alerts weekly per category or a few overall per month if data shows high conversion. Remember that if shoppers dont' hear from you they will forgot they signed up and may opt-out

Brand Messages: Secret sales, congratulatory, product sneak peaks, industry news, etc.

      Example 1: "CEFCAMERA is having an exclusive mobile sale this Friday expiring midnight. Shop & save! <Tiny Url>"

      Example 2: "CEFCAMERA has new SONY point & shoot cameras in all colors. Click to shop <Tiny Url>"

      Example 3: "CEFCAMERA reminder to place order for in-stock items by Dec15 to ensure Xmas delivery. Shop now <Tiny Url>"

Sale Messages: Exclusive today's hot deals on your mStore homepage, super 40-80% discounts with a time bomb to a category or specific product in your mStore, or merchandising hot deal discounts on your homepage scrolling carousel

      Example 1: "CEFCAMERA is offering free shipping on orders over $129+ use code MobileShip until May1st <Tiny Url>"

      Example 2: "CEFCAMERA is offering a free carrying case on orders $99+ until Dec12. Use code MOBILECASE today <Tiny Url>"

      Example 3: "CEFCAMERA 48 hour sale begins now! Get 25% off all orders over $50 w/ code MOBILE25. Start shopping <Tiny Url>"

Abandoned Cart Messages: To reach even more shoppers and increase sales, send out SMS alerts to those who abandoned their carts weekly with a $ or % discount to come back and convert

More Info: Build A Mobile Database & Send Out SMS Campaigns 

1) Design your Sign-Up Form, learn more here

2) Download your Promotional Assets to put on your e-commerce site, learn more here

3) Promote your Sign-Up form via (A) Embed code or (B) Http Link, learn more here 

4) Scheduling your SMS campaigns is both quick and easy! learn more here

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