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Add a Size Chart to Product Details Pages

Size charts are really important for some product pages, particularly on fashion sites. This is a great way to avoid returns which are bad for both you and the customer. Some sites will choose to have their size chart on a separate page but we preferred putting it on the product page rather than making your customer have to click off the product page, running the risk of losing a sale. This will also improve the user experience.

Retailers can boost customer confidence, increase sales, and reduce returns by creating a comprehensive size chart — because there's nothing more frustrating for a consumer than simply hoping something will fit.

If you sell clothing and accessory items that require customers to know their size before they make a purchase, you can add a custom size chart to your product.

We have added a size charts link to every product on the product detail page.

When shoppers have to guess, one of two things happens: They either don't buy, or they buy two or three sizes and return the ones that don't fit.
A sizing guide together with a solid Terms of Service (ToS) can help back you up when a customer wants to return a product.


I)  What are the prerequisite, what do we need at our mStore end:

1. We can show a common Size Chart image for a specific Brand:
For this we won’t need Merchant to include size chart image for each product, Merchant can provide us with images for each Brand. All products under this brand will show this size chart image.

2. It is best recommended that Merchant includes the additional field within datafeed file itself with the image link for Size Chart link, for each product individual. We have added a size charts link to every product on the product detail page.

This field will be Mapped to its relevant field and after the datafeed runs, the size chart will be shown when a user clicks on its link.

Let mShopper help you to include the additional field within datafeed file itself for Size Chart image links , Just contact us at and we will respond within 1 business days.

Images of format .PNG or .JPEG would be preferable and the dimensions should be of standard resolution that would work for all sort of devices.

 In case we don’t find an image line for a particular product, we have shown a default image which says’s ‘Not Available’ as shown below.

II) MCD Side: How to toggle ON this feature back from MCD Dashboard

Under Design & Layout module, navigate to Page Settings > Product Details section. Under Step 2: Other PDP Settings, you’ll find an option ‘Display Size Chart Link’, toggle it to Show. Save the by clicking on ‘SAVE’ button at the bottom of the page.

Please note that Size Chart link is available only with ‘PDP Modern’ and not with ‘PDP Classic’ currently.


III) The Product Details Page(PDP) page at mStore side: 
Please refer the attached screenshot which demonstrates how the Size Chart image is viewed on Product Details Page. The chart can be zoomed by double tapping on it and zoomed out vice versa.

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